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*SCAM* THRIVE Coaching




at 7:43am Blogger Oliver224 said:

I paid over $5500 for a coaching program to work with THRIVE. I was about to work with a more credible coaching company until I was contacted by Trevor with Thrive and he mislead me to believe that they could deliver much more results for a lower tuition. He said that Thrive would only charge $5500 and that I would get more than I would get for the $8700 that I was about to spend with the other group. What he didn't tell me is that after spending $5500 with Thrive, they would call me several more times to try to get me to spend more. They said that I would have to spend $2000 more for the advanced classes to get to the level that I thought I was already supposed to get to with the $5500. They also said I needed to buy their software to make my business fully functional. That would mean another $1600 that I already didn't have. Now I'm stuck with a poorly built half of a business and they will no longer even return my calls. I'm currently working with my credit cards to get my money back. They are pretty hopeful that I can reverse the charges.


I have never used their website or services and returned thier software, return reciepted, and was told that I could not get money back and if I didnt continue paying on the contract I would be sent to collections.

Thrive contacted me on or around 9/18/2008. I was to have my first appointment on 9/22/2008 at 10:30 am. I was called at 11:30, an hour later and told that internet services were down in downtown Lindon. I was to be contacted at 4pm. I never heard back. The next day I e-mailed to request an elibrary password. I didnt hear back for a couple of days. Then I recieved a v/m stateing that I had to make an appointment. The guy on the phone was rude and spoke with a disturbing attitude stateing that is what up to me to set these appointments after the firt guy stated that he would contact me to schedule the appointment. I started to get frustrated and after e-mailing and calling with no response I emailed and called to get my money back.

I was contacted today, October 23rd, 2008, by Zach, and was told because I was out of my 3 day return period I could not get back my down payment. Zach informed me that if I didnt keep paying on my contract he would send me to collections.

I am now out $1, 500.00 down payment, $144.21 a month on a $5, 000.00 contract, $39.95 for software I returned, and $39.95 for monthly website rental fees.

From 9/18 to 10/23, 2008 is 25 business days, well within the 90 days and my initial contact to Thrive was within 5 days. This is a very suspicious way to do business.


I check all the forums on a regular basis and see the number of people that are still being scammed is sickening in its numbers.
I have seen many individuals asking the people responsible for ruining their lives and credit, these scum of the earth individuals such as COLTEN MOODY, ZACHARY BRADSHAW, DAVE AND MATT RASMUSSEN, " How do you sleep at night?"
So far they have not responded. So I will ask you guys again...COLTEN MOODY, ZACHARY BRADSHAW, DAVE AND MATT RASMUSSEN...HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?????????????????????????????????
When will you guys finally post an answer to this question? Or are you guys just gutless, spineless cockroaches that only come out at night and under the cover of darkness to feed? Or like leeches that hide quietly in the sludge and slime of murkey stagnant water only surfacing to bleed your victims dry?
You have responded personally to the author of the posts written on
but of course that was only to do more of what your famous for-SCAMMING, yet you will not come out publicly and respond to your accusers on these forums.
Well, too bad for can run but you cant hide. Karma is headed your way.


During the course of my traumatizing experience with my Thrive Learning Institute process, I was also sucked in to a big mess with a merchant business account to be able to accept credit cards for orders online. I was contacted by a person with Thrive (or so that’s what I thought). She went on to talk about a merchant account (online credit card possessing) and that I should sign up to begin accepting credit cards for online orders. She told me they would wave the setup fee for a limited time and that the offer would not last long (more tricks of the trade).I signed up on 3/11/09 thinking that I could still get a website going and salvage this program. A 35$ per month charge was to be in effect after activation of my account (so I was told). To my delight, Kayla, asked if I needed an appointment with their web builder. I agreed and she informed me that they were busy right now and that the soonest available appointment would be 3/30/08(almost three weeks). I agreed, even though I was frustrated at having to wait so long. I tried to continue my progress and anxiously waited for the web builder’s call. On the 3/30, after waiting all day, I received no phone call. This was the last thing I was willing to stand. After trying to make a go of this so called system (again and again) and working to pay off my upward spiraling debt, I realized, it would be impossible to complete this business. In late May 09, I realized on my bank statements that this company has charged their $35 fee for the last two months even without activation. I called customer service and (without asking for the two months totaling $70) I asked to please cancel the account and they informed me there is a $250 cancellation fee (which was never discussed or mentioned before I signed the contract). I never used this account and in fact never even activated it. After the initial shock of this and expressing this verbally, He told me the fee is negotiable. After a brief break from our conversation so he could talk to his manager, he returned to the phone and informed me they would be willing to go down to $150. I told him I would call him back and hung up disgusted. They have, as of July 1 charged me for June as well. I called to cancel the account on July, 9, 2009 and refused to pay a cancellation fee. I called my bank to place these charges in dispute and ask for a charge back to my account. My bank informed me they can only do a charge back for no longer than 60 days. I could only get the month of June and May placed back on my account. I was willing to leave it at that and chalk this up to a business loss. On July 29, 2009, I received a letter from the merchant account collection dept. stating that I owe a balance of $120 due by 7/31/09 or face further collection action. In addition, a report of the past due amount will be reported to credit bureaus. I disputed the charge asking them to wave the amount due and refund what I was charged for in total from them. I sent them a brief explanation of my negative experience with Thrive along with my complaint and a copy of the State of Illinois cease and desist order against Online Data Institute/Thrive Learning Institute. I faxed all this info yesterday at 2:15pm. I received a call from the collections department rep. around 3:15pm telling me they received the info; they will look it over and call me back tomorrow.

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